10 Free Apps For Animal Lovers

Love animals? Keep them close by putting them on your phone!

1) Shark Tracker: This app allows you to view the navigational paths of tagged sharks for the purpose of educating the public on shark conservation. Under the “tracker” section you will see all the tagged sharks from all over the world. Click on a shark to get more information including; it’s name, species, gender, length and weight, and a description. The app allows you to see videos or pictures of the shark but the real treat is the “where have I been” feature. This shows you the path they have been currently traveling and the last time they surfaced. On the coast of Florida near Jacksonville check out Bailey, the Tiger shark, she is definitely earning her dinner.

2) WoofTrax’s Walk for a Dog: Calling all dog owners! Want to walk your dog and do something good for the community? Then check out this app. The premise is very simple, take your dog for a mile long walk and WoofTrax will donate money to a local animal shelter. Shelters will earn between 11 and 25 cents per mile which may not seem like much but it add up for those underfunded shelters. In it’s first six months, WoofTrax donated $10,000 to U.S. shelters. The app is still new so hopefully it will have a long life to help these needy shelters.

3) The Dodo: This app is the place for all things animals. It’s the first all-animal news feed that includes footage of animals in their natural habitat, and a community dedicated to the well being of all animals. Whether you are looking for a new forever home for abandoned animal or joining movements to stop animal cruelty you can find it all on this app. You can also use the community section to upload pictures or videos of your animals so everyone can “oooh” and “ahhh” over your adorable pet.

4) Friskies Cat Fishing 2: Who says technology is just for humans? Now your cats can get in on the fun with games made just for them! Friskies Cat Fishing 2 gets your cat hunting as they watch fish swim across the screen. The app is available for the iPhone but if you really want your cat to have fun bust out that iPad so they have a bigger “pond” to fish in. The game has three levels and your cat will earn points the more it plays. It even meows at them if they haven’t played for 30 seconds. Word to the wise, invest in a plastic screen protector. Your wallet will thank you.

5) Free Animal Sounds: What DOES the fox say? Find out as you check out this large selection of free animal noises. They cover sounds of the farm, desert, ocean, mountains, and forest including insects and birds. This app is great for kids learning about animals or those who have ever been curious what a crocodile sounds like. The sounds are all high quality and you can save your favorites to a soundboard for future use.

6) Wildlife Watch: Wildlife Alliance, Trigger, TRAFFIC and Jeff Corwin team up to fight the wildlife trade industry with this app. It provides information about the heavily trafficked species in Southeast Asia. You are able to report illegal handling of animals, learn what animals are most threatened and pinpoint hotspots. Join the fight to keep these animals alive.

7) Map of Life: Ever wanted to know what types of animals live around you? Now you can see what species are common in your area. Map of Life puts the most advanced geographic biodiversity at your fingertips to help you discover; birds, mammals, frogs, fish, bumblebees, butterflies and reptiles. The app also allows you upload your own discoveries and share them with the community. Next time you take a walk, take this app with you and make a new discovery!

8) iPanda App: If you love these cuddly black and white bears than iPanda has you covered. This is an informative app dedicated to pandas in captivity. It shows pictures, location details, biographies, and descriptions on more than 30 pandas living in zoos around the world. This app also provides information on the animals for those who just want to know more with an extensive encyclopedia.

9) Real Whales – Find the Cetacean: Explore the deep blue seas with this game that allows you to capture dolphins and whales on camera. Once you snap a picture of a sea creature you can actually rate it before diving back in. The graphics are realistic and you have your choice of background to give you a varied experience while you play. This might actually be great practice for a future whale watching expeditions.

10) Clicker Treat: No need to carry around a clicker anymore when you have it right on your phone! This app will provide a clear clicker noise that will catch your dogs attention during training. First, press the “train” button and signal your dog to perform a command. Then if the dog obeys use the clicker and reward with a treat. This may take several weeks of training but soon the your lazy dog might be a lean mean treat eating machine.


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