Dishing on a Detox

The city comes alive this time of the year. The trees are full of brightly colored green leaves, flowers begin to blossom filling the streets with their beautiful perfumes and the weather is just getting warm enough to bring out those sandals. Spring is the fresh start we all need after the winter so I decided it was the perfect time for me to make a big change in my life.

What would my life be like after a full body detox?

It’s a question I have wanted to explore for sometime and now with a doctor at my side I realized this was the perfect time to try it.

Filled with motivation I decided to jump in head first in detoxifying my body. I decided I would try it for 40 days and then afterward re-evaluate my lifestyle. Surely, I could commit to this for little over a month I told myself. To me the detox would mean a life free of as many harmful chemicals as possible. It’s impossible to remove them all but my focus was on what I put in and on my body. Little did I know the major changes I would be making and how my life would really change.


We all know that we need water whether we are detoxing or not but when you are going on a toxin free diet water gets complicated. Not only do you need a lot of it but you need alkaline water with a PH Balance of 8 or higher. Despite an entire aisle dedicated to this kind of water at Whole Foods I had no idea that this type of water existed. Who looks this much into their water? I know I never did! So what’s the big deal? This type of water is meant to stimulate your organs and provide you with proper enzymes. Having this special water is not enough though, you must make sure it comes in a BPA free bottle so you can be assured no plastic toxins are leaking in.

Think this is anal? It gets worse.


In my quest to detoxify, my doctor and I came up with an eating plan that consists of only lunch and dinner. During these meals I eat only 4oz of a organic and hormone free protein, a handful of an organic vegetable and an organic fruit. This is all I’m allowed and it sucks just as much as it sounds. I miss carbs! I miss sugar! I miss breakfast! Even as I am writing this I have a dull headache between my eyes from the withdrawals. My doctor assures me this will get better with time but even after my 6th day in this new lifestyle I have to restrain myself from clawing at someone holding a cookie. The only up side I see right now is that the organic food I’m eating does taste surprisingly better than the stuff I was eating before. That could also be because I am so freakin’ hungry that I would eat about anything right now.

Ready for the worst part?

Bath Products

There are chemicals and toxins in everything that we put on our bodies. That includes, face wash, lotion, perfume, shampoo and conditioner and yes, even makeup. In my quest to detox I have eliminated all these from my life and replaced the necessities with BPA free bottles filled with unscented junk. Gone are my many lip glosses pooling at the bottom of my purse, gone are my apple scented hand soap in the bathroom and gone is my MAC Studio Fix powder which I haven’t lived without since I was 15-years old. I wish someone had taken my picture when my doctor told me that instead of gel for my curly hair I should use aloe-Vera lotion. That look of horror would have been priceless.

But I’ve done it. I’ve eliminated everything from my life because in my mind I’m only doing this for 40 days.

Why would anyone try this you might be asking? Is there any upside to detoxing?

Yes, I wish I could tell you it’s pointless but right now I have already lost 11 pounds. Not only that but I do feel a bit better, not nearly as bloated and swollen as before. My clothes are starting to fit better with each day and I find my confidence coming back.

What’s the downside?

Some days I don’t feel like myself. Normally sharp and focused I now feel a bit fuzzy and spacey. I find myself zoning out and it takes all my attention to get through my radio show. Talking to my doctor he assured me that what I’m going through is a sugar withdrawal and soon it will go away. So far there has only been one really bad day where I felt overwhelmed with everything. I ended up calling it a night early instead of being productive but most days I can still be a functioning member of society.

It’s still early in my journey but by the time I write my next article I will be done with my 40 day experiment. It will be then I will decide whether to continue to live this lifestyle or I will be writing with one hand while the other clutches an In N Out cheeseburger.


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