Lawmakers Investigating Groupon

The co-chairmen of the House Bipartisan Privacy Caucus want to know more about Groupon’s new privacy and data collection policies. 

Representatives Joe Barton of Texas and Edward Markey of Massachusetts sent a letter to the CEO of the online daily deals giant.  Markey says he’s concerned about Groupon collecting personal information from its more than 80 million subscribers such as their phone numbers, e-mail addresses and location data from mobile devices.  He says that kind of data collection can pose potential problems if the information belongs to teens or children.

Groupon says it shares subscriber information with merchants when subscribers redeem Groupon coupons at certain businesses.  The data also sometimes goes to “business partners or advertisers.”  Barton said people need to have full control of when their personal information is shared.  Groupon’s new policy states it encourages merchants and business partners to adopt privacy policies, but that use of personal information by those parties is not subject to Groupon’s control.

8 thoughts on “Lawmakers Investigating Groupon

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