Deadline Set For Unlimited Verizon Data Plan

Verizon Wireless is following AT&T and T-Mobile with billing based on actual smartphone data usage. 

Verizon announced today it will stop offering unlimited data plans for new users as of July 7th.  The company isn’t saying exactly how much data can be used at what price but the tech blog Droid Life has reported a starter plan will charge 30 dollars per month for two gigabytes of data.  That’s what Verizon has been charging for unlimited data.  Two gigs is very roughly enough bandwidth to send or receive 66-thousand e-mails without attachments, 28-hundred one page word docs or 65-three-minute songs.  A user could also access about 13-hundred webpages each month on that basic plan. 

Other rumored plans would charge 80-dollars per month for ten gigabytes of data. reports anyone exceeding their data plan will pay a ten-dollar per gigabyte fee.  Verizon promises the real usage based pricing information will be made available early next month.


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