Americans Worried About Cyber Attacks

Many Americans are worried about cyberattacks against the U.S. 

A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 82-percent are “at least somewhat concerned” that the nation’s computer infrastructure isn’t secure enough, while 35-percent are “very concerned.”  Just 17-percent aren’t afraid that the U.S. is vulnerable to computer sabotage, with only three-percent saying they’re “not at all concerned” about it.  Fifty-three-percent say they’re in favor of the government classifying cyberattacks that originate in another country as an act of war, and believe the U.S. would be justified in launching a military response.  Twenty-two-percent oppose the idea, while another 25-percent aren’t sure on the matter. 

In addition, very few people believe the nation’s computer system can be adequately protected against a cyberattack from a foreign nation.  Just nine-percent feel it’s possible, while 63-percent don’t think that level of security can be achieved.


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