Sony finds itself trying to fend off yet another hacking attack on its servers. 

The company was forced to take its popular PlayStation gaming network offline for several weeks after hackers stole the personal data of an estimated one-million gamers, including credit card numbers.  The latest attack appears to have targeted servers that run Sony Pictures Entertainment websites.  The hacker group calling itself LulzSec, claims it has compromised the personal information of another one-million or more Sony customers.


2 thoughts on “Again?! SERIOUSLY!?

  1. RorrimSL says:

    I blogged this too… I think it’s incredulous that a company of this size, and stature have allowed themselves to be “attacked” like this. Something doesn’t smell right here. How on earth does a company like this have such dire security on it’s sites?
    You think that they’d have thought about a complete overhaul of ALL their security due to the massive breach in April and the attack that happened a short while ago. Now this one too!

    LulzSec, the group who carried out this latest attack, posted the information they took online as torrents and left a message for people to go help themselves!
    I did an online search and it wasn’t hard to find at all. I also took a look at the links on their website (“temporarily closed” according to them) and there they were as well. links to various torrents along with some basic details as to what the torrents were too.

    I posted links on my blog, to some news networks that have been carrying news of this latest attack, along with a blog I posted about the PSN attack back in April. I have friends who used to use the PSN, but they won’t go on there until it is proven to be 100% safe. Sony are getting a rough ride at present, both in the media and financially too. Huge losses financially and these attacks are not what they want to see, especially after announcing that the PSN was back online and secure, they then get hit with this attack on the servers that host Sony Pictures! Hence the reason some people seem to think that the PSN was attacked, as some reporting was a bit vague and seemed to imply that the PSN was hit as well.

  2. You’re absolutely right RorrimSL. Companies like Sony need to have fortress like security before they invite people to sign up.

    The issue is Sony and other companies need a dedicated to team whos only job is to work on security. They need to be constantly anticipating these types of hacks.

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