U.S. Lags World In Broadband Adoption

The United States is lagging far behind other nations when it comes to adoption of broadband Internet access. 

The Federal Communications Commission has released a report that ranks the U.S. ninth out of 29 countries for mobile broadband adoption.  America is only 12th out of 33 countries in the number of households with high speed Internet access.  Topping the list are the United Kingdom, South Korea and Iceland.

The FCC report released on Friday says other nations also enjoy much faster download speeds.  The report compares cities worldwide with one example being New York.  The average download speed for files in the Big Apple is just under 12 Megabits per second.  In Seoul, South Korea, with an even larger population the figure is triple that at nearly 36 Megabits per second.  Eight Megabits per second is enough bandwidth to stream a DVD quality movie.  To stream HDTV quality video download speeds should be at least 27 Megabits per second, more than double the New York average.

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