Do You Track People Or Don’t You?


An Apple representative insists his company has no intention of tracking locations of customers with iPhones and iPads.

Testifying in a Senate hearing, Bud Tribble said a “bug” that led to a misunderstanding has been fixed. Tribble said, quote, “Apple does not track users’ locations; Apple has never done so and has no plans to ever do so.” Google’s Alan Davidson made a similar statement about Google’s Android software. Senators are probing growing concerns about privacy issues involving smartphones and tablets like iPads. Tribble and Davidson insisted that their companies are committed to customer privacy.

A Justice Department official noted that more-and-more consumers are using mobile devices the same way they use computers. That has opened new opportunities for identity and data thieves. Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein also warned about new avenues for cyber stalkers. Weinstein urged lawmakers to continue giving law enforcement agencies the tools necessary to stay abreast of new technology. Senator Richard Blumenthal said cyber-security is the “wild west.” Blumenthal is a Democrat from Connecticut.


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