Must. Text. Must. Email

The technological capabilities to keep people connected and informed is coming at a price. 

The new “Digital Lifestyle Information Survey 2011” shows the “electronic leash” appears to be getting shorter.  Half of the respondents note, quote, “My clients expect to be able to contact me at all times.”  Four out of five people say they check their e-mail, quote, “all the time,” more than three-quarters read and respond to e-mails at night and on the weekends, and 57-percent, quote, “never turn off” their phone.  This need to be constantly plugged in is also seeping into people’s social and family life.  Just under 45-percent admit, quote, “I will answer texts or e-mails while on a date/social occasion,” while 40-percent, quote, “feel I ignore family or friends” and 35-percent, quote, “will answer work e-mails while with my children.”  A third of those polled say they’re sleeping less in an effort to stay on top of everything, and 47-percent admit they, quote, “can’t keep up.”

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