PlayStation: “We’re Sorry!” :(


Sony faces a lawsuit over the recent security breach of its PlayStation and Qriocity online game networks.

Plaintiff Kristopher Johns of Birmingham, Alabama is seeking to represent the millions of PlayStation console users who subscribe to these services. He claims Sony did not properly protect and encrypt users’ personal data. Johns also asserts in the lawsuit that the company did not alert users about the breach in a timely manner.

Sony is still working to determine if the users’ credit card information may have been compromised by the breach. It notified PlayStation online users yesterday that a hacker had breached information like customer names and e-mail addresses. Sony officials say it took several days to determine the breach’s scope. Johns is seeking reimbursement for losses from any theft of credit card data and payment for credit monitoring for all plaintiffs.


2 thoughts on “PlayStation: “We’re Sorry!” :(

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