Apple Knows Where You Are And Saw What You Did


A hidden file that secretly tracks the location of iPhone users is raising concerns about the Apple device.

The hidden file named “consolidated.db” was discovered by a pair of researchers who just launched a website called iPhone Tracker. They say the program has been using cell phone towers to pinpoint everywhere iPhone and some iPad users have gone since Apple’s latest mobile operating system was released last June. The file stores the tracking information on the devices and on any computers they are synced with. That means anyone who gets their hands on those devices can easily see exactly where the owner has gone and when.

The researchers aren’t sure why Apple would want to track iPhone users’ locations, but they say the fact that the data automatically gets transferred to other devices shows the tracking is no accident. It doesn’t appear any of the information gets transmitted to Apple. IPhone users can check out everywhere they have been tracked using an application on the iPhone Tracker website.


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