Smartphones Appeal To Moms

Moms like smartphones. 

According to BabyCenter’s “21st Century Mobile Mom Report,” the number of mothers who now use a smartphone has grown by 64-percent in the past two years, and 53-percent admit that they switched to a smartphone specifically because they had a child.  More than two-thirds of the moms know how to use the many features on their smartphone, and 51-percent , describe themselves as “addicted” to the device.  The use of their phone also changed once they became a mom.  Women say that before motherhood the most important functions on their phone was the address book and text messaging.  But once the baby arrived, the camera became the most important feature, followed by the video camera. 

Apps rank third among moms, who admit they didn’t care at all about them before they had kids.  Just over half of the moms have at least ten apps, and a quarter of the apps are for their children.


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