No One Wants A Free DVD!

Know what I hate? Okay, so that’s a lot of things but today I am setting my sight and scowl on the annoying people in the self-help commericials.

Anyone who watches television at virtually anytime sees these commercials; Le Cordon Bleu, Kaplan College, DeVry institute, and the Art Institute. There are hundreds more but I am signaling out the few that make me want to reach into my television and choke the life out of the “reformed slacker”.

These commercials all promise the same thing, no matter what kind of education you have (or lack there of, let’s be honest), no matter how many babies you have running around, or no matter how much money you are currently receiving from the government, you too can get an education that will allow you to adequately care for yourself or those who need you to survive. (Heaven help us)

I am not knocking getting an education or trying to better yourself. Far from it. I have often thought, “perhaps life would be better if I cooked for a living.” but as soon as I let these commercials begin to question the direction I have taken my life the words that make my skin crawl pops up. “Call now for a free DVD”.

This is not 1990. DVD’s are not magical discs you put in the big square thing in your living room. If you don’t have a DVD player or still think that DVD’s are only for the “wealthy” members of society, you are a freaking idiot.

So this makes me question why a “free educational DVD” is the BIG selling point in these commercials. I would like to think that the people on the other end of the line requesting this DVD do not believe they are getting “Inception” or some other blockbuster movie. ┬áBut they are calling a crappy vocational college so maybe I am not way off base.

Getting a “free educational DVD” should be a given. If you want to attend one of these “colleges” getting information about it should be a requirement, not a privilege. Not only should they give you information but they should personally come over to your house and fill out the paperwork. Let’s face it, most of these people probably can’t figure out what day it is.

I hate you, stupid, fake college commercials, but I hate the people who call just to get the mysterious “free DVD” even more. Congratulations moron, hope you enjoy life on the spam list.



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