Violet: Chapter 1

If Senator Michael sees I didn’t put in my brown contacts again today he will dock my pay for a week.

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Is The Honeymoon Overrated?

It was a warm evening in Italy last week as Nick, my new husband, and I settled into a table for two at a dreamy intimate outdoor restaurant in the center of Rome. Sitting across from each other illuminated only by the candle on the table and the white dangling lights of the the canopy above us he leaned close to me so I could hear him over the sounds of a nearby street performer playing the accordion.

“Did you remember to set up a future payment on the Chase credit card?”

This was the first night of our honeymoon.

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My Experience as a Crisis Counselor

Last week, I talked to three people planning to commit suicide. In fact, for the last six weeks, every Thursday I spend four hours talking to people all over the country looking for support as they think about ending their lives, struggle with self harm, contemplate leaving abusive relationships or even need a place to stay after running away from home. They reached out to me because I am a Crisis Text Counselors for the Crisis Text Line and with September being National Suicide Prevention month I thought this would be a good opportunity to share my experiences.

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Dishing on a Detox

The city comes alive this time of the year. The trees are full of brightly colored green leaves, flowers begin to blossom filling the streets with their beautiful perfumes and the weather is just getting warm enough to bring out those sandals. Spring is the fresh start we all need after the winter so I decided it was the perfect time for me to make a big change in my life.

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